Friday, 29 March 2013

The Waxing Experience

I waxed my legs for the first time the other night. The experience irreversibly changed my life. Television had influenced my decision to make the switch from shaving. The girls in those waxing ads looked so carefree and happy. I begin to wonder if they knew just what kind of a product they were advertising. But with the promise of having hair-free legs for up to 4 weeks, I had to at least try it.

It started off rather innocent.

Wearing tights all the time means I don't have to put fake tan on my legs as much. Deal with it!

Anyway - back to the waxing!

I was shocked. Mortified. I expected it would be painful - but not THAT painful. I felt violated.

I quickly recovered after my "moment" and was ready for round two.

Despite the pain, I was determined to keep going. I was going to see this through until the end. Needless to say, the pain didn't ease with each wax strip.

After a while I think I started to get a little sadistic.

But soon it all became too much.

Yeah, you get the idea now. Although...

That was only one leg done.

I still had to wax the other one! I had to muster up every bit of strength and sanity left in myself to do it.

And so I gave up. I gave up gladly. You know what the worst part is? Parts of my legs still had hair! The stupid thing didn't even work. Let me tell you something people, if waxing was the only way to get rid of hair on legs then I will have the hairiest legs and I would be proud of them. PROUD. Not even the smoothest of legs would be worth all that pain and trauma. Not that it even made my legs smooth. Never again. I'm sticking to shaving. I'd rather risk severing an artery and bleed everywhere whilst shaving than wax.

This was an experience among other things. Lesson learned.

Thank you for your patience. I've just started my post graduate diploma in perioperative nursing so I'm a student again! But I'm still working in theatre. So things are very busy. Not to worry though. Nothing could keep me from blogging. Your support makes all the difference.

See ya around!

P.S.: Inuyasha is an anime and one of my favourites. The final season has just been released in Australia on DVD after many years of being on standby - I'm so pumped! If you've been thinking about getting into anime this is a show I highly recommend. Perfect for everyone.