Daylee Art

So there's these really absorbent napkin-like wipes we use at work dubbed the name 'Daylees', however I'm not 100% sure that's what they are really called. But they are soft and lint free and for some reason, really fun to draw on. So, for your viewing pleasure I'm going to archive all my Daylee Art drawings that I've done whilst at work.

The top ones are the most recent (just so you don't have to keep scrolling through old ones).

Been a while, no?
No one was really keen on my innovative idea... Except a few surgeons.
Welcome to Theatre
A preview of the next blog post?
According to one of my co-workers, it's not anime unless the girls have big boobies.
In the spirit of Movember... (plus space girl)
I miss blogging
I do not like this one
"One day I will become... INFECTION PREVENTION GIRL"
"Take this germs!" (Microshield Gun)
"Knock germs out!"
A warning sign I put above theatre 6's sinks
Oh My - Sailor Moon Rip Off?!
Spoilt Sinister Brat
The Pants Dilemma
Magical Girl
Granny's Revenge
Alice Falling
The First of Many Daylee Art

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