Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stupidly Happy

Hello there.

I have much to be happy about. I've finished my final exams (and I think I did quite well), I have my preceptorship coming up in theatre (can't wait to see some operations!!) and I also got my first preference for my Graduate Year! Exciting times are up ahead.

I also have the opportunity to blog more frequently - extra big "YAY".

To kick-start my blogging I have made a little video using MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. It's a little rushed but it helps express my happiness. I hope you'll enjoy it.

By the way - the song "Stupidly Happy" is by XTC, I have nothing to do with the song apart from the fact that I like it and it was fun to draw pictures to.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It has been a while.

I might as well cease to exist. The internet will continue to go on... and try to convince me that the way I spelt 'internet' is wrong. Which is just depressing. And I refuse to address it with a capital letter just so spell-check says it's correct.

Ohhh to be in a mood. To be in a state where you think your opinion does not matter. Where your voice goes better unheard - or in this case, unread. And it's times like these when I just have to simply wonder...

To tell you the truth, I thought by now I would have at least achieved my dream of becoming an author. Then I would move on to become a graphic novel artist, song-writer or at least had some sort of serialisation created by me taking up some space in the cartoon section of a newspaper. But I don't know what happened. Something impeded my path to becoming successful creatively. Oh yeah...


I wanted to have a career - and nursing was a profession I wanted to work in anyway. I convinced myself I could pursue both dreams but one dream sort of pushed the other out of the way.

In the process I feared that university was depriving me of my creative skills. And just recently I was beginning to have thoughts that perhaps I should just turn away from my passion for drawing ect. because it was only putting a strain on my studies. And it's not like it's benefiting anyone anyway.

Then I will move on, get my degree and begin to pursue my career in the field of nursing. However I can see myself regretting giving up my passion, for never giving myself the opportunity to extend beyond my limits and establish myself as an artist. Eventually, this regret will consume me - sending me into a dark abyss of... dissatisfaction and deprivation.

So is this really the right thing to do? Should I really give it all up?

Damn straight! I'm not one to give up on things so easily, especially something that I have pursued for so long! So for those of you who want to look at what I have to offer - I thank you! Be prepared for bigger - ever better things! And for those of you who don't wanna look - I suggest you divert your eyes!

Now onto more enlightening topics (I apologise for the short entry as exams are coming up and since these are my last exams... EVER, they do require a bit more of my attention... - can you sense where my depression was originally coming from?).

I have taken up guitar! It's been a few weeks now, but let's just say... I'm pretty good.

I just don't want anyone to listen to me right now until I have mastered my playing. I especially hate it when people appear out of no where whilst I'm jamming away.

I decided to teach myself guitar because it's a really fun and practical skill to have. Plus... I have worked out the chords to a particular song I wrote... and I may be using it for an animated clip I'm preparing.

I don't want to say too much. But I will say this: owl and sound. All will make sense in the future.

In the meantime -

By the way - wanna check out more of the action beyond TAAOC-AO? Well allow me to direct you to some juicy-juicy links... well perhaps they're just juicy - I need to add a little more juice to them to make them that juicy. All in good time my lovely people.

So as you all know, this is the 'Home' blog page. Sorry for the simplicity of these instructions - I believe you to all be highly intellectual beings. And I say that with the deepest sincerity.

"Chapter It" will take you to another link where I post chapters from stories that I am in the process of writing - or just random snippets of things I'm working on. Currently there's not much going on, but if you haven't checked it out already there's a very poorly made animation clip you are more than welcome to check out.

As you may have already noticed I use MS Paint (and sometimes Adobe Photoshop) to do my pictures - and every now and then I will upload a few pictures on this link. These pictures have a little more detail than the ones featured in my blog. Eventually, I will have a page that will have some of my hand-drawn pictures up for everyone to see, ya-ay.

Want to see some more MS Paint pictures? This link will direct you to TAAOC-AO facebook page! Here you'll find a collection of drawings I've done on MS Paint. Plus, it has the link directly to the blog under the "Info" section. I will also be using the page to show updates and changes made it the blog - so if you wanna be 'in-the'know', that's the place to go!

Now this is something special. The REAL MEN facebook page. So, you want to know what it takes to be a REAL MAN? Well look no further! My buddies and I have made a collection of clips, pics and words of wisdom that all contribute to what it means to be MANLY! Complete with extra GRRRR.

As you can see, my popularity is astounding. I am sad to admit that one of the six followers is me. But it doesn't take much to become a follower - and it's nice and encouraging to see a new face or two! So don't hesitate to be a follower. Would you feel more comfortable if I titled the section as "The Awesome Peeps" instead? I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

And here we have a link to my Manga Fox profile. Yes, I am a huge fan of manga - this profile doesn't really show it with my total of TWO FRIENDS :D Anyway, if you're a fan of manga, Manga Fox is an awesome place where I spend what little free time I have. Just don't be too surprised if you see my profile covered in cobwebs. I'm not as hardcore as some of the manga-lovers out there. That is one society I don't think I'll ever fit in with. Oh well.

Last but not least, the 'Like' button! You like this blog? You push 'Like' button! Now, because I'm incompetent with the internet I am yet to figure out how to link the button with my facebook page. But to show your likeness-ness, it doesn't hurt to push two buttons... does it? Grrowwwl. Sorry, that was inappropriate.

So feel free to have a squizz around the blog and pages! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather*!

*Didn't know how to finish the blog.