Sunday, 2 September 2012

I'm Back


Ahem... yeah.

So this is my new laptop - Sammy Jnr.

Now, this isn't about turning my back on a trusted companion which has been with me through thick and thin. HPII is still in my possession. He's just too slow for my high-speed impatience with technology. I still play with him every now and then - for my music collection and such. He's never happy to see me however. He greeted me with this loving display the other day:

Either that or he takes about seventeen minutes to load. As for Sammy Jnr, I'm not even able to brew some tea after I hit the on button because he's all like "Um, I'm ready now, can we start?". I have to get used to his current brilliance. He's so shiny too.

Ok I know it's been a while since my last post.

All right I get it! But it's not my fault! I want to put a lot of effort into these posts but all my energy has been put into work and study. Yes, study. Even though study was supposed to be finished last year, nursing is a life long learning process. So as of recent weeks I've been hitting the books again.

Sixteen years of education and I am still yet to find a study method that works for me.

So, work, yes? I have a career. It is going very well. When I did my last post in

I was a very new Graduate Nurse working on a ward. I worked there for six months. I was very fortunate in that I worked with great people who were always willing to help me. And by the end of the rotation I felt that I had become a part of the team. I have been challenged by confronting and full on situations but always somehow managed to pull through. I learnt so much and really appreciate the experience and friendships I have gained. You fantastic nurses know who you are - you guys are awesome!

But that only contributed to half of my Graduate Year. I have to spend the other six months somewhere.

How about

Or to be accurate: main theatres (operating suites) and recovery. Which is AWESOME! The rotation that I wanted - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I consider myself very fortunate indeed.

At the moment I'm doing a 3 month stint in recovery/anaesthetics, then I'll move onto the scrub/scout side for another 3 months. Recovery is amazing. The nurses there have such a huge knowledge base. I feel like I need to absorb everything I hear and see like a sponge. When the other staff are like "We better stop talking about this - you're going to be brain-fried." I'm like

But I have to learn things one step at a time. I've already run myself down with a cold. Gee, the last time I had a cold was when I did my last post in

ARGH I'M SORRY, OK??? I'll try to be a little more consistent with my posts from now on. It's not like I don't want to do them. Now I am no longer working shift work. I work 10 hour shifts but they are more regular, which I prefer.

So to my 8 fans out there who read this blog, I hope the wait since the last blog hasn't been too painful. I'll be spending the rest of my evening dying from this common cold and feeling sorry for myself. Hope you're having a more pleasant time than I.

Hope to see you back here very soon.