Monday, 2 January 2012


I was so pumped for writing a blog post today (lately I've been missing the 'urge'...), I jumped on my computer (named Harry Potter II) - opened up Photoshop and... it just didn't wanna work for me. I tried to draw an eye and it took almost 2 minutes to register and appear on the screen. That's 2 minutes too long. Not only that, my whole computer is running a bit slow. So shattered. I really wanted to play with my Bamboo... but the CPU skyrockets when I use Photoshop, even as I type now my computer is heating up something shocking. So I've been running the disk defragmenter, hopefully that will make HPII better.

But I still wanted to do a post - I shall not be hindered! So that's why I'm drawing the pictures and then scanning them.

Wait a moment-

Oh who cares - moving on. Today has been really HOT! Sooo hot. As someone who lives by the sea you'd think the first place I'd be at is the beach, right? Well, on extremely hot days such as this my skin puts me at a disadvantage.'s actually not that dramatic - but I do have fair skin which leaves me prone to burning (and never getting a tan frustratingly).

So this is how I've spent most of my day...

At one point I got up to answer the door when something very odd happened.

The pillow on the couch got attached to one of the buttons on the back pocket of my shorts. A bit of fiddling managed to separate the pillow from my ass. The strange part was later on when I stood up IT HAPPENED AGAIN.


Anyway, I did get up to other stuff during the day. I read some manga.

Ate some ice cream.

Played with my iPad 2.

*Had to wait another 8hrs after that*

Even did a bit of singing.

Oh - by the way -

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve/Day. I partied hard - didn't get home until 6am. For me that's a fair effort.

Now I haven't really done much thinking about New Year Resolutions. I suppose I have a few... Lose weight, finish my book(s), save heaps of money, work hard in my new career, create deadlines for my blog (so I actually do more than a post a month...  sorry) and find a lovely husband...




Hope you all didn't mind the lack of colour. I must admit - nothing beats drawing free-handed, even if I did rush it. I wanted to get this post out before midnight seeing as I was talking about the events of today.

See you soon!

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