Wednesday, 31 August 2011



So angry I can barely write this post! Let alone draw it.

I can barely hold it in - I don't know how much longer I can contain this anger!!!


I won't say, because it will only get me angrier.

When I'm in a mood like this I have one piece of advice for you. That piece of advice is very simple.
Stay out of the line of fire.

If you walk into the line of fire, you will be burned. Some of my friends fail to recognise it when it's happening. They forget that the line of fire doesn't discriminate - it will destroy all in its path.

You have now been warned.

Whether that involves being literally burned or just metaphorically speaking I'm never really sure - especially in blackout mode. Either you end up with 3rd degree burns or you'll just be highly offended/mentally scarred after receiving some top notch slander.

Please don't take it personally.

I try to use strategies to reduce my anger. Many people have different ways to cope with anger. Here are a few strategies I use (they can be fantasies or actions I carry out in reality):

I like to imagine I'm really really big (bigger than I already am) and crush a city.

Launch a couple of missiles at... well pretty much anything.

Eat a massive... stream of food.

Bring out the inner ninja and just go absolutely nuts.

Write a hate-fuelled email/status post/blog post.

Say a whole bunch of swear words that would even make a delinquent blush (in public).

Punch whoever made you angry (or just some random) in the face.

Or cry in the arms of my future handsome, tall, rich, doctor husband.

But whilst most of these fantasies seem near impossible (except the last one), it never hurts to imagine it. Sort of.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to blow up and some cities to destroy...

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