Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Well howdy-doo

So far I'm only greeting myself as it seems, but hopefully that will soon change.

A lot of people (by a lot I mean I could probably count the amount of people on one hand) have been telling me that I should start a blog. I had a long and intermittent think about it and finally decided that all the positives of having a blog were just way too good to turn down. For one thing, I'd be able to put some of my drawings on display (as soon as I gather up the motivation to scan more images I'll upload them yes, yes - I swear) as well as my stories and songs. Another thing is I'd be able to talk, complain (wittingly of course) and vent about the various things that are occurring in my busy life. And when I mention the word 'busy', don't take the term too lightly - just because I have begun a blog does not mean I have an enormous amount of time on my hands. I am successfully procrastinating at this point.
As I am a soundboard - someone who listens to everyone's problems and absorbs all their information - I thought it was about time I was able to express myself more openly (and see who'll listen - and if the brackets are bothering you I apologise, I tend to talk in this fashion). And seeing how this blog goes will be a good indicator of whether or not it's worth trying to express myself via this new medium. If it's not, I'll go back to the humble journal.
Well I didn't want this to seem like too much of an essay, hopefully I've managed to grasp your attention somehow. Rest assured this will not be some dreary sad blog by someone who is desperately crying out for attention. I can guarantee I'm full of surprising information, advice and stories which I hope will spark your interests. Ranging from gory nursing-placement stories to awkward scenarios involving the single girl that I am. If not - just look at the drawings, they were done on Microsoft Paint.
For those of you who have read this far I thank you. You will be rewarded with this quote: "'McDonalds Family Dinner Box': a myocardial infarction in a box."

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