Friday, 5 August 2011

Emotionally Booked

I love reading. It's so easy for me to just pick up a book and take a holiday from reality. If it's a really good book I get almost completely caught up in all the characters and plots. My reactions to events that take place in a book are always clearly displayed on my face. Here are just a few of the regular ones:
Yeah you get the idea.

Anyway, whilst this is all well and good in the privacy of my own home, I can't read in public. The first reason is because I get distracted easily and the second... you can guess what. I forget where I am and will get excited by crucial or happy moments in the book.
I also tend to act out significant quotes or events...
It's the same when I watch movies. If I'm with friends or family I try my best to reserve my emotions. I try to. When I'm watching movies on my own however, the reaction is quite different.

So I guess the point of my story is that if you're someone who, like me, tend to get waaaaay too emotionally caught up in the story of a book or movie - it's ok. Set your emotions free. Allow yourself to get lost in the imaginary charaters and their majestic auras. Let the story play out in your mind as if you're actually there. You can laugh, you can be shocked, you can be angry or annoyed...

But don't cry, shed tears - ew. Too far, really.

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  1. it's ok caz I do the same thing lol except I tend to not notice peoples akward looks haha